"She's a fuckin' rockstar and an absolute sweetheart."


"Cynthia is a big sweety and has a very bubbly personality. She cute AF, and that's my jam so she hit the right notes for me."

-Greekfinder on TERB

"Repeated with Cynthia and was an awesome session. Tight Teenage blue-eyed doll with an amazing body. The way she looked at me playfully during the bbbj told me how much she enjoys this herself. Very few ladies actually give solid eye contact."

-princeoftoronto on TERB

"I was blown away by how pretty, sexy and just so damn cute and attractive she was. Even better was her genuine smile and personality. She greeted me perfectly with a sweet kiss and a hug, and I knew I couldn’t have made a better choice."


-Jdeck on TERB

"I am long overdue to see this sexy blonde cheerleader. Every time I see her, I feel like I just took a happy-pill."


-CB1986 on TERB

"She is so friendly and bubbly and she can chat very well. Really impressive.
Will not go much into session details. But this was my one of the topmost session. Her body is flawless. Her tits are awesome and firm. Her pink nipples are smaller which I love."

-kinguncle on TERB

"She is beautiful, bubbly, and eager to please. I will not rate her out of 10. She is the real deal. My first session with Cynthia has been the best experience of my hobbying career. One new piece of info I can offer is: If you are uncut, Cynthia will know how to handle you. "

-kafkashores on TERB

 "I don't have a bad thing to say about Cynthia besides that the two hours flew by way too fast!!  I hope to book her again in the future so I can get some more practice and try other things but I know that might be hard with how popular she is / will be. If you're a virgin or someone new to seeing an sex worker then I think it's a no brainer and you should book Cynthia. You wont be disappointed!

-lemmiwinks123 on TERB

 Enough has been said about Cynthia’s sexual prowess, but to me what stands out is her personality, her attitude and vibe. She is matured well beyond her tender age. Very easy to carry out a conversation, she is a complete package. Cynthia is brainy college girl that love sex and enjoys what is she is doing. Did I mention she is an excellent kisser? Her oral skill is phenomenal, long, deep and sensuous. 

-ChuckT on TERB

"Saw Cynthia and happy to report that it was a top 5 sp experience for me. Won't shy away from using some superlatives for her; she's quite beautiful with a bubbly personality to go with her tight body. Her friendly demeanor with great skills made for a truly VIP experience.

-goran5 on TERB

"Cynthia exudes the confidence of that sexy/cute/hot/popular sorority girl that every guy on campus wants to bang and every girl wants as a best friend."

-CB1986 pt.1

Not a shy person at all, Cynthia is clearly comfortable talking/flirting with a gentleman more than twice her age. Smart and inquisitive, we had a great conversation to get better acquainted

-CB1986 pt. 2

I’ve had magical experiences with SP’s before, but it’s the little things that set Cynthia apart.

How she calls your name as you are in the midst of lovemaking. Seductively and urgently. How she is 100% engaged and focused on you, not once looking at her phone, even when I was getting dressed.

-CB1986 pt. 3

But seriously gents, Cynthia is one adorable, witty, and sexy girl, consider it an honor to be able to see her, treat her well, treat her well. She's a fucking gem. 

-wm1734 on TERB

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Your testimonial could be here!