An Escort's First Time Booking an Escort: Exploring My Bisexuality

Updated: Jan 4

The act of booking an escort can be intimidating, nerve-wracking, or exciting depending on who you ask. For me, it was quite liberating. Between my studies and my job as a professional lover/companion, I don't usually have energy left for trying to meet other women. Truthfully, around women I'd like to date or hookup with, I have no confidence and don't even try to make a move.

My clients find the former hard to believe because I have a natural talent of wrapping men around my finger. I wish I could knew why women turn me into a stuttering and shy blob, maybe it's because women are more beautiful, majestic, and delicate. Book a duo with one of my crushes and see for yourself. Perhaps I'm more attracted to women than men at this stage of my life. For now, I'll just chalk it up to my lack of experience relative to my amount of experience with men.

My duo experiences with other sex workers actually sparked the initial interest in booking another SW for myself. I really, really, really enjoy duos with other bisexual SWs, but there will always be the element of thinking about the client's enjoyment. I love to please, but soon enough I noticed I craved the thought of a woman's sole attention on me.

As a totally super duper professional businesswoman, one element of my work is marketing. For myself, twitter is my main advertising/networking platform. Check out my twitter if you haven't already. I'm going to be honest here, there have been some times that I have been unhealthily addicted to scrolling on twitter. Avoiding social media addiction is already difficult for all of us dopamine-hungry animals. Now think about how challenging it could be to handle that addiction if it was huge part of your work. During one of these most assuredly professional twitter "networking" scrolling fests, I came across the twitter account of Brynne Allin.

Instantly she caught my eye because her appearance is quintessentially what I consider to be hot. I nervously slid into her DMs on twitter but was relieved by her kindness and patience towards my questions. Of course, I was excited to find out that she sees female clients. If you are interested in Brynne, do not message her on twitter. Visit her website

I can see why some clients get nervous. I suddenly was preoccupied with worries about how to be the ideal client. Would she like me? I booked four hours of companionship with Brynne, sent a deposit, and we were booked. All I had left to do was to wait. Probably the most difficult part.

I travelled from Toronto to Ottawa in order to see her. In fact, I organized my first tour in Ottawa just for the occasion. I smile to myself now, thinking about the gentlemen who saw me in Ottawa, who had no idea that their contributions would help me finance my unforgettable experience. I found her website is really indicative of her personality. She is intimidatingly hot, even for me. But beneath the surface, is a really cool and chill person.

I think what surprised me most about booking an escort as an escort, was just how conscientious I felt about her feelings and desires. Knowing what it was like to be one side of the transaction, I began to overanalyze what I did or asked for in the booking. Maybe next time I book someone else, I will book them as myself instead of my work persona. I wonder if that will take away some of the internal pressure. Brynne was patient and let me take the lead during our booking. As I mentioned previously, I am quite shy around women, let alone someone as stunning as her.

I learned that if left up to me, I will take an embarrassingly long time to make the first move. But I also learned from this experience, that enjoying the time together and letting it flow naturally was special in itself. Spending hours talking with Brynne and getting a sense of her complexity, her sense of humour, her essence... only made hooking up more fun later.

Hooking up with another woman, besides the obvious differences, is basically the same as hooking up with a man. I think the one key difference is that "lesbian" sex is not centered around the male orgasm (duh!). Since there aren't a lot of positions that allow for the possibility of cumming at the same time, there isn't an expectation or pressure to. You take turns focusing on one another to give or receive pleasure to the fullest. Although I have noticed within the wlw (women who love women).community, there still exists this notion of "tops" and "bottoms" even though it could be said that is a heteronormative paradigm. However some people find comfort and identify with those labels and I believe that is valid. Another difference is that all the women I've hooked up with were not insulted or turned off by the presence of sex toys. I am quite fond of my hitachi magic wand so this makes for orgasm marathons for me. You can see for yourself on my onlyfans.

I suppose that hiring an escort for myself was liberating in the sense that it was an expectation-free and judgement-free environment to explore my sexuality. I felt free from the fear of abandonment that's often present in my personal relationships. After all, as long as you are a polite, clean, respectful, it is unlikely that you won't be seen again.

Would I see her again? Of course! I just need to find more excuses to visit Ottawa.

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