Yours truly

 delightfully more than meets the eye

The Blonde Bombshell

 The giggle machine

The Girl Next dooR

ABout me


Early 20s


natural 32dd

blue eyes

born blonde





wagyu steak

tonkatsu & gyoza



luxury lingerie


roses & peonies










I've always been fascinated by all things sex. As someone with an insatiable lust for both men and women, it's no coincidence that clients have noticed my genuine passion for erotic encounters. I love to share pleasure and happiness with other people. Albeit an introvert on the inside, my love of laughing and smiling has unintentionally fooled some to think I'm an extrovert. 

My clients often describe my spirit as bubbly, down-to-earth, easy to talk to, and somehow wiser beyond my years. Although I'm young, my life has been quite eventful and in turn my experiences have taught me that empathy is essential. I believe that judgement-free communication is so important, especially when it comes to intimacy. I've applied these life lessons into my philosophy as a companion.



/ʌˈdɔɹkəbl̩/ - adjective

1. undeniably sweet or endearing while displaying extreme dorkishness

Giggle Machine?

Not to say I have a monopoly on giggles, the truth is whether I like it or not, *apparently* I giggle quite a noticeably endearing amount. Just enough to put you at ease, and maybe even enough to make you addicted. The self-appointed title is adorkable, just like me!

I love to discuss deeper topics on my dates. As such, I try to stay informed about various topics such as culture, languages, politics, economics, health, and sex of course. Within a few hours of talking with me, you'll already have a peek into my soul. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, and I think of it as my greatest strength. It really warms my heart when you open up to me and let me learn more about you. 

​When not with you, I'm likely binge-watching netflix, learning how to cook, taking Advanced Japanese classes, or studying linguistics.  Truthfully, I'm most likely to be napping in bed with my two black cats. 


I can't wait to meet you.

yours truly,

Cynthia Cox